eFPA 2.0


eFPA 2.0 is an adapted IFPUG 4.2 cost estimation with the objectives of:


  • optimization of costs

  • insurance against third parties

  • Increased quality

  • use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)



Core of the EFPA 2.0 is a system developed by a team of experts led by Andreas Rieckmann matrix process that measures the functionality of systems based on "best practice" from the user perspective.

The method is based on the determination of the technical functionality provides the user with the application system.



The EFPA 2.0 advantages over the standard procedure:

  • faster (expenses for a standard estimate about 6 hours)

  • cheaper (the cost savings are up to 66%.)



A Function Point Expert Group under the direction of Andreas Rieckmann (expert for software metrics (BVFS)) has analyzed the current situation and found that many companies just do not use or limit the benefits of the FPA for reasons of economy.


For the counts, and thus minimize the cost of each release levels, Vincent von Hohenstein GmbH  has the FPA developed to eFPA 2.0.



Why ?:

An average first FPA counting (based on a rough/technical concept) with 450 Function Points (FP) incurs costs in the amount of 2300 € / per count.


Assuming three estimates per Realease, then the total costs will be about € 5700 together.To reduce these costs had been the primary target in the development of eFPA 2.0.Nearly two years after the initial release of BPEE @ 2.0 has been released on 1.5.2007 the successor eFPA 2.0.


The cost savings by eFPA 2.0 compared to conventional estimation method are up to 66%.




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