Function Point Analysis (FPA)


The Function Point Analysis (FPA) can be used with different objectives throughout the life of an application.



The results of a FP analysis form the basis for:


  • Cost estimating method of projects (modification, extension, maintenance)

  • Overview and magnitude higher than the functional scope of the project charter

  • Overview and magnitude higher than the functional scope of a product

  • The basis for experience for future projects (experience database )



The FPA is a functional metric (mathematically measure), which measures the functionality of systems from a user perspective.


The method is based on the determination of the technical functionality provides.


The FPA:


  • forms a reliable basis for expert estimates and adds useful

  • a standardized , systematic and transparent approach is by today's standard IFPUG 4.2 and ISO standard 20926



There are two types of FP analysis:


  • FPA of a project (project census as project assignment).       The FP analysis of a project measures the Project order (specifications) desired changes (adds, changes, deletes) to an existing application.

  • FPA an application (application count).       The FP analysis measures the functional scope of an application.






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